Research Associate 

Northwestern University

CycloPure Company, IL 


  • Development of reactive electrochemical membranes using different metal oxides for the degradation of micropollutants.

  • Development of new composites for selective adsorption of U(VI) from seawater.

  • Development tandem treatment trains for degradation of PFAS in regeneration solutions.  

  • Elucidating the interactions between real microplastics and toxic chemicals in water environments. 

Post-Doctoral Fellow. 

Clemson University

  • Development of novel polymeric materials for the efficient removal of PFAS.

  • Development of new catalysts for the degradation of micropollutants (i.e., PFAS and PPCPs).

  • Development silver-based carbonaceous composites for the selective removal of bromide and iodide.  

  • Elucidating the interactions between real microplastics and toxic chemicals in water environments. 

  • Applications of ion exchange resins for wastewater treatment and disinfection byproducts control.

  • Removal of illicit drugs from water using carbonaceous adsorbents. 

  • Leading a two-year project to monitor the water quality for a local water utility in SC (monthly sampling from five lakes and one river). 

  • Writing grant proposals for national and international funding agencies; including Water Research Foundation, US EPA, National Science Foundation (NSF), Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF), JSPS International Collaboration Grant, Saudi Arabia International Collaboration Grant, US-AID PEER (Egypt), US-AID PEER (Iraq), NPRP (Qatar).

  • Initiating, leading and coordinating several research collaborations within the department (with Dr. Ezra Cates, Dr. Sudeep Popat, and Dr. Brian Powell), with other departments (Dr. Nishanth Tharail,  Plant and Environmental Sciences Department and Dr. Daniel Whitehead, Department of Chemistry), and with other national and international universities (Dr. Onur Apul, UMass Lowell; Dr. Chihiro Yoshimura, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Dr. Matthew Johnson, University of Copenhagen; and Dr. Michael Naguib, Tulane University; Dr. Marcel Ceccato, Aarhus University). 

Graduate Research Assistant. 

Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Development of a novel and facile method to prepare magnetic carbon nanotubes (MCNT).

  • Adsorption of micropollutants (i.e., pesticides) and natural organic matter on CNT and activated carbon.

  • Development of an efficient regeneration method for recycling spent carbonaceous adsorbents. 

  • Design and test moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) for reuse of agricultural wastewater.